welcome 金塔国际登录:Life at Rovio

Discover the Nordic Way of Working

金塔国际登陆网址 www.hkwus.com.cn In the Nordic countries, we strongly believe that a balanced approach to work and personal life delivers the best results in both. This idea is at the core of our work style in Finland and Sweden, as well as our offices in North America, China, and the UK. Work with us and discover the Nordic way of working!

Flexible Hours

We understand that 9 to 5 isn’t always a great fit with real life. At Rovio, we all enjoy a more flexible working style and flexible working hours. Create a schedule that works with your life, or work remotely when you can’t be in the office.

Family friendly

We welcome families and provide support for our employees’ family lives. In addition to allowing flexible work hours, we support for spouses, parents, and soon-to-be parents with relocation services to help with the bureaucracy that comes with changing locations, by organizing fun events for families with children, and more.

Grow With Rovio

We want Rovio to be the perfect place to grow and flourish so we provide every opportunity for personal development and growth. We pride ourselves on providing ample opportunities for career progression, and we are constantly finding new ways to learn from experts and also from each other.?

Rewarding Work

We’re all one team at Rovio, working together towards the same goals. With our bonus scheme, every employee shares a part of our success when we reach those goals. We also recognise those who embody what Rovio is all about, making sure Rovians who go the extra mile are handsomely rewarded for inspiring us.

Inclusive Atmosphere

Bringing together people from different backgrounds makes us stronger. Our goal is to make every employee feel welcome, whatever their personal circumstances. We value an open, diverse, and passionate workplace where everyone can be themselves, thrive, and do the best work of their careers.?